Wednesday, April 22, 2009

 Hello  to all my Readers ..!!

 Ok guys .here we go ...this is my new creation in .i hav  been wanting to do this for a long time ,dunno if I shud put it as 'Social Service' but here im having a blog actully hosted up to help friends,relatives and aquaintances give their talent a small burst ..!!
Most of these people around me r either not computer savvy (in todays world of only comp geeks ;-0 -dunno how they managed to b so ) or jus not plain interested in letting out their 'creativity' as talent ,they wud rather catagorise it as a hobby ...which I never disagree with ..but personally feel  they cud  do with a lil promotion and a Pat on their Back ..!!!

so guys join in and feel free to leave feedback.Im sure it will give them a load of moral boost if not anythg else ....
hoping to hear u soon ..